Exploring how we feel presence, crossing the dichotomy of presence/absence, weakening the separation between the concepts is the core of the research. I indagine closeness moving from the concept of proxemics - meant as the distance between people within the space, related to the nature of the relationship between them - in the absence of physical presence, since in the contemporary reality, virtuality seems to be an alternative to physical interaction, reevaluating the experience of proximity.
So the concept of proxemics is going to be distorted, questioning and generating alternative proximities becomes a method to generate intuitions about how we perceive co-presence - in time or space - to find out when and how it is transformed in statuses of closeness.

If me and you can touch / in the space / simultaneous contact / encounter can happen.
We, me and you / are presence and absence. / We are uprooted, or just passing by, going beyond.
We are here / and everywhere / we are here and nowhere. / We are voice - immaterial, / We are material - we are bodies - we are space - we are skin indeed.

Valeria Moro
valeria moro