The house is a necessity,
a stable secure spot where material life take place. / A place where the body can be the centre.
The places we interact with are no more defined by stable aspects.
We interact with them in a fluid, changing, ever different and ungrounded way.
The house is all that life revolves around, it could become even an illness: homesickness.
Or / It is what you need to take with you, to move from place to place.
Thus, a home could be a private place,
or / just an object,
or / home could be just a domesticity memory, or a smell, or a time frame,
or / a person or more then one,
or / a collection of goods and experiences. / House is the act to stock what is necessary for a life, goods and memories.
contribution to the 5th Edition of Sarmad Magazine, Fictioning Comfort, 2020
curated by WORKNOT!, Rotterdam

collaboration with
Eszter Nagy and Pille-Riin Vihtre