valeria moro
co-generation __translation __legitimacy __urban transformation
with a lot of different parts and small details that fit together
1. Site specific Installation, De Boog, Rotterdam, 2021.
Collaboration with Angela Grigolato and Miriam Del Seppia
2. Some of us, out here, need narrations to create together, to experience collectively, to tell with plural voices. New stories about the space in between, the empty gaps between defined places, where thinking together is possible. Some of us need a story that is the container of stories.
3. We searched, thought screens, words to translate concepts as a collective thought. Together, trying to grasp comprehension, creating a bridge between contexts, in an informal, egalitarian way, wondering about words and stories shaping collective and singular identities from the words of The carrier bag theory of fiction by Ursula K. Le Guinn.