valeria moro
still life
1. Sound work / sound installation, 2020.
Jedan Osam Jedan, artist run exhibition space, Rotterdam, for Cataclisma Improvisation Festival by Ensemble Collettivo Crisis.
2. We critters are made by emptiness and we critters are made by the whole thing, we are made by the amalgam of nothingness and everythingness that crushes and dances, plays and rolls, mixes and divides, destroying and generating, confused precious materials. We gave burial and we nourish constantly on every action taken. We evolve, we are limestone.

3. Transformation, coexistence between times, spaces, species and beings become a flux of consciousness on the matters of life and death and on improvisation as a basilar act of living. In a rising and decreasing movement on presence and absence, interrelations and loneliness. The extern enters on the depth of the self, the individuality and alterity are mixed together, reinforcing each other.
coexistence __interrelation __alterity __mourning