valeria moro
the game of absence

3. Let’s imagine that the world as we know it, as we interact with it, has just been invented, shaped, narrated. That now we see it for the myth which is. And seeing it, we start to live in the space that is left out. And we change and expand, as the reality is different and new and broader. We can play as if it was real. Welcome to a new reality. Let the elements you will find, guide you and open up new realities in you, create your own traits for this new reality, and move in the space as moving in this new place, embodying the expanded being you become.

5. Look at absence and presence as merging, co-existing, being an unicum. Occupy and interact with absence as the expanded you-you become will feel to embrace it. Interact with presence, embracing it, as the expanded presence you become.

dualism__ worlding __physicality __touch __virtuality
1. Interactive Site Specific Installation-Game, 17 min, final project for Destination Unknown Residency program, Venlo, The Netherlands, 2022.

Music by Crisis Ensemble: Pietro Frigato and Marco Bussi.
1. Continuously, we create realities choosing the imagination, the values, the stories, the beliefs, the symbols and the matters that we want to consider and we leave the rest out. And we continuously experience realities where imaginaries, norms, narrations, morals, the principles and the bodies that are considered, are given and imposed, chosen and arbitrarily established, often placed in opposition between each other, and the rest is left out.
4. You see now the opposition of concepts as partial and weak. Concepts, continuously, participate to reproduce themselves, simultaneously, on being together, and continuously, they merge into each other, as all the elements, participating to generate our perception of reality, do. You remember the opposition between absence and presence as it was given, as you perceived it, you know it, and you are able to go over it now.